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We, at design tales, treat every project as a means to learn and innovate, irrespective of the scale of the project.
Our design process and work will be a partnership with clients which will be characterised by complete transparency, trust and collaboration. We extend a sixty forty policy here. The final product will reflect sixty percent of you and forty percent of us. Our unmatched passion and unsatiated hunger to achieve excellence and our willingness to listen to our clients and offer them the most suitable solutions is what gives us an edge. We would make it a mission to source you the best deals without compromising on the quality.

"Why the name?"

We were two 24 year olds, high on creativity and passion constantly challenging the conventional way of thinking. We feel Everybody has a design in mind when it comes to their space, be it their workspace, living space or anything else and there is a tale behind every design.
We eagerly want you to write your story with us very soon.

Our Services

Design Concept

Design Concept

Understanding your needs, expectations tastes, likes and dislikes. And then coming up with a proper presentation and mood boards to give you a glimpse of our vision for your space.

Space Planning

Space Planning

Combining our vision and penning it down. (we are together in this) providing you with different options for proper floor layout plans and possible furniture arrangements in every option.

Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Furniture is not just a material that takes space but an individual sculpture that is comfortable and accomodating. Furniture is like the essence of a place. Giving you design ideas for the master pieces that enhance your space furthur taking it to another level . Then providing you the final output With city's best collaborations.

Design Consultancy

Design Consultancy

We are here for you. Even if you want to just know our view points. Just because you are coming to us for guidance doesn't mean you have to hire us for the execution. We would be more than happy to provide you with our creative ideas, concepts, drawings for your space to get you going.


3D making

Our efficient 3D Designers can just provide you with your 3D design to get you going. We will help you select the right colour, finish for your better understanding.


How we Work!

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Whether you need a little help or a lot, from answers to a few questions on color selection or furniture layout to help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice and guidance of an Interior Designer is invaluable. Having a professional Interior Designer on your team who has the knowledge and experience of countless similar projects as well as the information and expertise for finding the exact products and trades-people you need to get the best result for your project is priceless. Working with an Interior Designer will help you to move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you prevent costly mistakes or side-steps along the way.

When do I need an Interior Designer?

While a good designer can help you at any stage of the design, it is most advantageous for you to begin your work with a designer at the earliest stages of the design. As with almost any process, a good plan in place as early as possible is the best route to success.

What services do you provide?

Our services are wide and varied and include everything from floor design to ceiling decor. Our attention can be as minute as necessary or as grand as you can imagine. From a furniture package or a small accessory to painting a wall or knocking one down, we can handle it all!

How long does it take?

Every project is different, the time it takes to complete various tasks varies from client to client. For example, a simple kitchen renovation will take less time than a complete house renovation. After taking your needs into account and beginning your project, we can provide an estimate of when the work will be completed.

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